Young Women idea sharing; share and share alike

Feb 27th 2018

I feel that there is no calling more important than that of a Young Women's leader.  The youth of our Church aged 12-18 are at a vulnerable and impressionable time in their life.  Their lifelong relationship with their Heavenly Father and H...
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Why does God have a plan for our eternal happiness?

Feb 6th 2018

There is a popular phrase I have heard my teenagers using lately, perhaps you have heard it too?  The acronym is YOLO, and it stands for You Only Live Once.  At first, I thought of this as a positive motto to have.  As I heard it used...
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What are the roles of the Holy Ghost?

Jan 26th 2018

One of the Come Follow Me lessons for January is - What are the roles of the Holy Ghost? I would like to review some of the wonderful words from Elder Gary E Stevenson on this topic. His talk is titled How Does the Holy Ghost Help You? First of all,...
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How to Make Young Women Lessons Memorable

Jan 16th 2018

How To Make Young Women Lessons Memorable Being an LDS young women's teacher is one of the greatest, most fulfilling callings you can have.  Knowing how to prepare lessons and knowing how to make young women lessons memorable can be a chall...
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LDS young women October lessons

Oct 24th 2017

The Come Follow Me lessons for October are focusing on Becoming More Christlike. We had such a wonderful time creating some very special lesson plans and ideas based from the suggested talks on Some of my favorite topics and some of my favor...
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How can I become more Christlike?

Sep 20th 2017

I am loving this lesson about becoming more Christlike from the Come Follow Me youth lessons. This is one of our October lesson plans. I think that it turned out so cute! Take a look, share this on your timeline or with specific friends and family wh...
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