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The 1 Simple Solution That Makes Planning Girl's Camp a Piece of Cake

The 1 simple solution that makes planning girl's camp a piece of cake

Girl's Camp can be one of the best experiences an LDS Young Woman can have during her summer vacation. Many Girl's Camps last between 5-6 days, and are full of exciting adventures and opportunities.

Planning a successful Girl's Camp can be a daunting task, though.  

How can you be sure that everything is accounted for and ready?  

How Young Women's Girl's Camp leaders are saving hours of work with one incredibly affordable and easy download.

One of the biggest challenges Girl's Camp Directors and Leaders face is confident preparation and successful planning.

"I was so excited to receive the calling as Stake Girl's Camp director!  I've always loved Girl's Camp, from when I was a youth, to when I would get to go as a mother for my girls, and when I would go on the ward level as a leader.  But I was so quickly overwhelmed with everything that had to be done, and done well.  I wanted this year to be so fun and spiritual for the girls in our Stake, but I literally just did not even know where to begin." (- Girl's Camp Director, Sister Avery, Broomfield, CO)

Does any of that sound familiar?

Sister Avery realized that she was responsible for planning

  • the activities 
  • the menu 
  • the schedule 
  • assignments 
  • packing 
  • lists 
  • certifications 
  • first-aid kits
  • roster info
  • tent/cabin assignments
  • what the girls need to prepare
  • devotionals
  • etc. etc. etc...

    All of these details can take WEEKS or even MONTHS to figure out.


With one simple download, MONTHS of work turns into only a handful of DAYS.

Ready to save time and focus on the fun? For a limited time, you can purchase at a discounted rate, Inspired Beehive's

LDS Young Women Girl's Camp Packet

Girl's Camp Packet

This packet is FULL of pages to keep you on track during planning.

Easy to fill out with your Girl's Camp needs

Nearly 60 pages of original content

Budget trackers

Daily menu

Daily assignments

Daily schedules

Packing lists


Shopping Lists


YCL requirements

Certification requirements

Charts to help track progress of each Young Woman

Detailed Packing Lists for Leaders

Detailed Packing List for the Young Women

Likely has pages and organizational tools you may have not realized you even needed.

If you would prefer not to spend the time on your own, figuring out what charts, shopping lists, packing lists, menu pages, schedules for each day, assignment lists, organized rosters and checklists for each girl, budget organization, devotionals, overviews, and more...

Girl's Camp Kit

THIS AFFORDABLE GIRL'S CAMP ORGANIZATION PACKET may be just what you are looking for.

Girl's Camp Organization Solution Packet $20.00 is yours for just $14.99 for a limited time.

"This packet removed the guess-work for me.  The peace of mind and time save was more than worth the cost."

Girl's Camp Organization Packet