FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is your website approved or endorsed by the LDS church?
This is not an official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

How do I download the products?
Once you complete your order, you will have access to your downloads under your account.

What type of files will I be downloading?
Inspired Beehive purchases are delivered via multi-page PDF files, Microsoft Word Documents, and Zip Files. 

I am experiencing printing issues. What should I do?
The very first step is to make sure you are printing through the newest version of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. Do not try to print from the browser window or a preview.

The majority of our files will be delivered as a PDF.  Printing issues are almost always due to using a PDF reader other than Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.  This is a free software and is the most reliable PDF reader available at this time. Once this software is downloaded and used, nearly all problems with printing will be resolved.

If the margins on your PDF files are being cut off, please check the "scale to media" or "fit" box in your printer dialogue window.

Can I make copies and hand them out to other teachers and friends?
Our products are for personal use only by the purchaser. We would be honored if you love our products enough to share our website with your friends and other teachers you know!  We've priced our products so that everyone can afford to buy and enjoy!

What is your copyright policy?
Products of Inspired Beehive are for personal use only by the purchaser. They may not be sold or re-distributed and are copyright protected by law.

My purchase contained a ZIP file.  How do I access these files?
To UNZIPE a file, simply double-click on it (MAC), or drag the ZIP file to the desktop, after which you can double or right-click to open (PC). Zipped files will normally have multiple file types (such as a multi-page PDF and one or more Microsoft Word Documents). Make sure you open all files and print from the appropriate reader (such as Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader for PDF files, or Microsoft Word for Word files).