See what others are saying about Inspired Beehive's tailored lesson plans!  Here are just a few testimonials and reviews from past customers. We love hearing from you - contact us at with your experience.


Liz Memmott wrote us about the "How Can the Savior Help me During My Trials?" lesson and said, "My friend showed me your lessons and I was impressed!  I loved the game. Something different in teaching that the young women are not used to. I also loved the step-by-step lesson guide and I just have to add personal insights."


Kimberly K. said about our Trials lesson also, "It was fantastic!!! My girls really enjoyed the game... it ended kinda quickly using two dice but we went ahead and read thru the question cards as a group and the girls liked it so much a few said "this is fun we should Do it again!" I usually struggle teaching... I truly hate it!!!! But with your lesson plan I felt it went really smooth and both the girls and I got something out of it!!!! I didn't feel I needed to be over prepared, I felt direction with the plan! Thanks so much, I'll definitely be using you again!!!


Vivian shot us a quick email about July's Come Follow Me Lesson, "What Covenants Did I Make At Baptism," and told us, "Thanks for your creativity!  The lesson went very good."