What sets Inspired Beehive printable lesson plans and ideas apart?  Our Lessons are perfect to Involve the Young Women in helping with the lesson plans.

We are four sisters who came together to make lesson planning for Latter Day Saints fun, easy, and inspirational for LDS teachers.

As teachers in the Young Women’s program, we often searched the internet for ideas that would help enhance the “Come, Follow Me” lesson plans. Each of us remember scouring the multitude of LDS based websites, looking for that special “something”, that one Young Women lesson idea, that would truly engage the Young Women and most of all leave them with a lasting impact of our Gospel Principles. In doing so, we frequently found ourselves a bit overwhelmed and often spent more time digging than our busy days allowed for.   When we realized what a need there is for fresh, modern lesson ideas, we decided to gather our individual talents and experience and create lessons unlike anywhere else.  We are honored and humbled at how our enhanced lessons have been received and reviewed with such overwhelming enthusiasm.

Inspired Beehive is motivated by a few, solid, simple goals that have shaped our service into what it is today! Thank you for taking a moment to see what our heart's desire is with our lessons. We deeply desire to help you teach with inspiration and ease.


  • The very first thing people notice when comparing our Young Women Lesson Helps with others is that we have beautiful amount of variety each month.  We like to include a game (or two), lessons that go a bit deeper, activities that get the girls out of their seats, and everything in between.  The styling of each lesson is completely unique.  Some lessons have cute cartoons, while others have beautiful photographs. We even create our board game lessons from scratch, including detailed instructions. We know that having our lessons be different each week would help the Young Women get excited to come to class and see what the lesson was like that day. It is a fun challenge for us to come up with such variety with our ideas.  Variety keeps our creativity flowing!
  • With Inspired Beehive Young Women Lessons, we offer a lesson outline that you can follow from start to finish, or you can easily take pieces of the lesson and apply them to your own plan! Our ultimate goal is to inspire you to inspire others. On weeks where there was no time to put into planning, you can follow the lesson outline exactly.  This concept is completely unique to Inspired Beehive.
  • Is easy to follow and designed directly from the LDS website, “Come, Follow Me” suggestions. Additional stories and truths taught come directly from talks, quotes or scripture found on LDS.ORG website
  • We put a collective 12 hours into creating just one lesson. With 4 sisters with vastly different experience and talents, our lessons are more thoughtful, creative, purposeful, and cohesive. We are not simply throwing a few cute graphic on a page - we are focused on taking the talents we have been given and making something truly meaningful.
  • Inspired Beehive Lesson Plans are designed to inspire the teacher, and the Young Women!
  • Each lesson, from the material, to the style and design, to the content and stories, are created to be remembered.  We want the Young Women to go home talking about what they learned, how much fun they had, or how much they felt inspired. We know we've done our job well when the teachers even tell us how much they learned!
  • We include a fully cohesive design/concept, complete with a treat idea and treat tag to go with the lesson. Each outline has a thoughtfully themed activity, game or object lesson designed to engage the Young Women and create a fresh approach towards the Gospel Principle being taught
  • Each lesson closes with an invitation for the girls to reflect on their personal, private feelings of what they have just learned. These “reflection” invitations can be kept in special envelopes, to be passed back to them at the end of the year.
  • Lesson also come with an invitation for the Young Women to “share” what they learned during that week. Some of these even help them pass off a Young Women Personal Progress activity.
  •  Lesson are colorful and flexible to print all pages and posters, or show the posters on your laptop.
  • The Best Young Women Lesson Helps should make teaching EASY and FUN!  We kept the teacher in mind when creating each lesson.
  • We have priced our lessons so that anyone can afford our lessons.
  • These lessons can be used year after year with how the Church has set up the Young Women Come, Follow Me curriculum.

 Thank you, again, for reading a bit about what makes Inspired Beehive different.  We hope that you feel inspired by our ideas and plans